Sorry, couldn't come up with a more descriptive subject. I have built most of a site with processwire and I'm thrilled by the power of it but I've encountered two issues that I can't get my head around. The site is a tourist accommodation site in which individual cottage owners list their properties for rent during tourist months. They all rent from Saturday to Saturday through the summer but start and end dates can vary. Each property owner edits and keeps track of availability on their individual sites where an availability table displays the period (e.g. September 17 to September 24) cost, deposit and whether it's booked or not. Problem 1: each member edits their own info and I figure the owner role would be the best way to allow each member to edit only their page but how to set that up? Do I have to create the user account, log in under that name, set up the page for them? I'd like to be able to set a user as owner of a page but that doesn't seem possible. Probem 2: How to set up availability? The booked or not booked is easy, a simple checkbox field would do but how can I set up a fieldset with a date range, cost, deposit cost and checkbox for if it's available and make it searchable? We need site visitors, looking for accommodation to be able to search a particular date range (September 17 to 24) and have all cottages with availability during the time period show up in search results. Of course there's also the fact that some cottage owners have multiple units available for rent. Does any of this make sense and is there a way it can be done in a way that will be somewhat user friendly to property owners that are not computer savvy? Any insight would be very appreciated.