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HI Rafael,

PageFields :). Beyond that, it depends. Are those categories related to each other or to other things? What's the relationship between "disciplines", "locations" and "themes"? As for the numbers, those look to me like counts of items found in each category? Can items belong to more than one category? Scalability? Those are the questions that need answering before any concrete response can be elicited. Please see the following related posts:



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As kongondo stated, PageFields are the way to go, they are very flexible.

It looks like your subcategories are unique in each main category so you could build them in a page tree


- Disciplines

- - Advertising

- - Architecture

- - ...

- Locations

- - Budapest

- - Glasgow

- - ...

- Themes

- - Animals

- - Automotive

- - ...

If you want you subcats to be able to have multiple parents/maincats you might want to add the subcats via ASM select (an option for PageFields) in the maincat template rather than as child pages.

As for how to be able to select the categories when using them here are some examples:


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