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Too many files in assets/sessions

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Today I experienced a problem on my server, I could no longer create new files. The cause of this was the amount of files in the assets/sessions folder. The filesystem ran out of Inodes.

My question is, shouldn't files in this folder be deleted automatically after some time?


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Think you're right about it.

Sounds to me there's something wrong with the PHP cleaning process.

As Sessions should be cleared by the server so far I know.

What is the PHP version & PW version ?

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I am running with the following:

PW: 2.3.0

PHP: 5.4.4-14


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I believe this issue is specifically for Debian servers. I found an old article that explains why this behavior occurs on Debian machines: http://oscarm.org/2006/09/debian-php5-and-session-garbage-collection/

The above article still seems to be relevant, even though it seems to be marked as solved in the Debian bug system (http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=388808)

I moved my sites from a Centos machine to a Debian in April and under that time the number of session files has been growing.

I post this as a heads up for others running ProcessWire on Debian.


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