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Dark Business 1.0

Nico Knoll

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Nico, I love how this looks like and where you are going with this. but the pages pan doesn't work for me as it is. on my laptop it just pushes the content to outside the screen on the right, and it doesn't feel natural that a menu item does something different from the others... Still, I love this theme and would like to help finding a solution if you are open for it :)

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Great theme Nico! I really like where you are going with this, and the tree of pages in the sidebar is a nice feature for sure. This is a very innovative theme and nicely designed as with all of your work. 

I understand where Diogo is coming from in that it might be nice if nothing was cut off from the content column (i.e. it had a max-width: 100%; or something, so the fields would scale for the space). After playing with the theme for awhile, I think this is primarily an issue in this scenario: after clicking "edit" on a page, it opens the page to edit, then pops open the sidebar and page tree again, making it necessary to close those two sidebars before I can start editing. Unless I'm missing something, it appears one has to close the sidebars before every page edit (a lot of extra clicks). If it simply didn't open those two sidebars when I was going to edit a page, there might not be an issue with the way it truncates the main column. 

I like this theme a lot, so want to point out some very minor details of items that looked like they might still need styling: 

Appears to be extra indentation on the pagination links. Plus I was guessing the links aren't supposed to be underlined?


Note the blue "more" link: 


Getting this notice on a log of pages: 


Unexpected indentation?


Unexpected space before the change link?


Unstyled button?


Unexpected indentation?


Some unexpected styling here


Lastly, the "show actions on hover" in the page list was tricky to navigate in the admin, just because the narrow column always meant the actions fell to the nextline, making the pagelist jump all over the place on hover. I guess my personal preference would be to not have it show the actions on hover but on click instead (like the default admin theme), but this is just personal preference. 


I'm only nitpicking here because I really like what you've done, and would like to use it. Great work! 

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I also love where this is going but i think there are some issues concerning usability (as mentioned above) and code quality (css,html).

If I'm allowed to i would love to do a remix (or contribute)!

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I've been going through all the admin themes but in every case I end up deleting the templates-admin folder after a while. But this one just clicked with me instantly! incredibly clean and professional looking! Too bad there are some bugs, which make it unuseable for me.

This happens when I open the menu:


And this overflow/width problem:


I would like to help fix these bugs, but I'm in a middle of a project right now, which should've been done already.

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