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@arjen: just to make sure the issue isn't related to the URL (shouldn't, but who knows), I've added alternative address for the feed: http://www.flamingruby.com/blog/feed.xml If you have time, I'd appreciate if you could try that one out and see if works any better.

I'll probably try to debug this myself at some point too, as I've had similar issues earlier with some feed readers. It's not much of an issue on my own site, but on a client site.. well, let's just say that it would be nice to know what's causing this before that happens  :)

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Yep! Here it is! I linked to the very beginning of the blog where all the tasty bits are (all the newer pages are filled with ProcessWire Weekly issues, which are still available on a dedicated site). If you want to read something [dated, but still very] interesting about ProcesWire nuts and bolts, this is the place for you!

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