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Sorry to be picky, but just in case newbies get confused, page name (found under Settings Tab when editing a page) and page title (May or may not be found under Content Tab when editing a page - it is a custom field ;)) are different things in PW ;)

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    • By SwimToWin
      I love nice urls - but I also recognize that they are not always needed nor desired due to the additional steps in page creation.
      Suggested solution:
      Page ID Page ID is a per-template auto-incrementing number. No. series might be added on a per-template basis (to be configured by webmaster). Page url Replace the full page url with an ID (as an optional configuration). Page url might then change to something like: www.example.com/page/1234 Editing (Page Tree is much less important in this scenario.) Like Drupal's Node IDs (nid).
      Why this change? Name may reveal confidential info. Name may not matter on certain templates. Page creation is no longer a two-step process; much like adding a row in MySQL.
      Benefit: This change will make it easier to use ProcessWire for other purposes than websites ("Oh - so ProcessWire is also a finance system!").
    • By Sten

      I still did not solve my problem about Hebrew letters. In fact, it is ok for Russian for example to have a transliteration of characters (one to one) but in languages like Hebrew, Arabic, it is better to slugify with phonetic like here :
      use EasySlugger\Utf8Slugger; $slug = Utf8Slugger::slugify('日本語'); // slug = ri-ben-yu $slug = Utf8Slugger::slugify('العَرَبِيةُ‎‎'); // slug = alrbyt $slug = Utf8Slugger::slugify('עברית'); // slug = bryt So I am planning to insert https://github.com/javiereguiluz/EasySlugger
      Should I create a module or just add a hook ?
      I am a PW newbie.
      Thanks for your help
    • By Xonox
      The sites I develop using ProcessWire are, lots of times, in portuguese where we use accented characters. The problem is that when we add a page with a title like:
      Cães, Canhões e Fátima The page name I get is:
      c-es-canhoes-e-fatima When it should be:
      caes-canhoes-e-fatima As you can see, we're loosing the "a" with the respective SEO penalty. Usually, my clients can't be bothered to make the change manually, wich I think is fair on their part.
      As far as I can tell,"ã" is the only character that has that problem.
      Is this a bug? Is there anything I can do not to loose that "a" in the URL?
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