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Request to modules devs: Modules directory compatible PW version

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The modules directory on modules.processwire.com also has a PW compatible version info added. 

Since this is an official directory, I urge every modules developer to update their modules with that info (and first test your module in 2.2 2.3 etc.) Since there's a new option added for each PW version, this has to be done by the module developer. 

There's people browsing this directory and don't know that this info is not up to date for most modules and think it's not compatible with 2.3!

Thanks for your time!


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Well... I am 95% sure all my modules work in 2.3 (if they work in 2.2). My suggestion would be to have option to say the minimun version required. Then as a optional information there could be mention that "This module is confirmed and tested to work in 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4". And maybe anyone with their own user account can update if they have tested and it works (or doesn't).

In short: I think current "Hey, lets update every module each time new minor version of PW is released" is broken and we should have better solution. It assumes that modules usually do break on minor version updates, but the reality is otherwise. 

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My suggestion would be to have option to say the minimun version required.

This is something I'm adding. 

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FYI: I noticed when I was updating my Webmention plugin in the directory last night that 2.8 wasn't an option under compatibility.

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