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no output from $pages->find("template=category") on home.php


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$pages->find() will find things; lots of things in some cases (pages) :D. You need to echo out the ouput.

Do you get any errors?

Is there really a template called "category"?

Does it have any unpublished and hidden pages using it?

In addition, have you read these documentation?




By the way, normally, you don't want to do something like $pages->find() without including a "limit"; It can find lots of things...and eat into your server resources, maybe hang your pages, hence, frustrate your web visitors, etc...


corrected typos

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$pages->find is supposed to return multiple pages.

Use $pages->get to get only one page.

So when using find, you need to iterate over your pages:

$foundPages = $pages->find('template=category'); // Don't use $pages as variable name, it's reserved!
foreach ($foundPages as $p) {
  echo "Found page with title" . $p->title;
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Under the "Home" page, I have a few hidden pages, each with a template called "category". I just want to get the list of those pages filtering with "find("template=category")" and then loop through their children. I don't get anything by doing:

$cpages = $pages->find("template=category");
foreach ($cpages as $cpage){
echo $cpage->title;

And I don't get any error.

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