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Error -125: remote chdir failed

Steve Eller

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I am trying out ProcessWire for the first time and I have installed everything. I can get into the admin panel and edit. The problem I am have it when I try to open up templates via FTP. I get the following error:

Could not change directory to “/www/processwiredev/site-default/templates”.

Server said: Can't change directory to /www/processwiredev/site-default/templates: No such file or directory
Error -125: remote chdir failed
I am able to get into these files when I use my webhosts file manager, just not via FTP.
It does appear I am able to get into and edit the readme file and license files /site-default via FTP, but nothing else 
If I tried to change permissions it shows as 000 in FTP only. BTW: I am using Coda to access this.
Any ideas?
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