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API inconsistency with images


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I have a Template that has a field with a list of images.

To my surprise, the image list returns two different things when accessing the images in two different ways:


var_dump($page->images->first()); // => Pageimage

var_dump($page->images[0]); // => Page 

Is this deliberate? It seems really inconsistent and, well, weird...

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WireArray implements PHP's ArrayAccess interface, so actually the something like $images[0] ideally would work. The reason for the inconsistent behavior is that images are indexed by filename, not by number. So $images['filename.jpg'] would be the actual ArrayAccess implementation. However, I think I could find a way to make it work by re-implementing the offsetGet() method in the Pagefiles and having it do a slice() to return a specific index. Thanks for reporting it! 

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