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Inline Images and Markdown

Ryan Pierce

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Is there a way to use the ProcessWire API to insert images into the text of a Markdown field?

Something kind of like this:

<?php $image1 = $page->image->url; ?>

![This is my image](<?=image1?>)

The end goal here is to be able to write posts in a Markdown-like way but have ProcessWire handle all of the image paths and ordering.

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It isn't, not with 'vanilla' PW.

But there are already some modules that can give you this – search http://modules.processwire.com/ and it's pretty simple to roll your own.

In case you want to build micromodule for yourself, to learn a little, do following:

- create textformatter module – you'll add it to the textarea (before md parsing!)

- comeup with some combination of letters not naturaly used in text

- capture the text

- find correct picture for it

- replace the original text with pictures URL

done. When I did this last time (can't share code due to licensing issues, but it was fun to build it nevertheless), it took something like 20-30 lines to do it (excluding PW's module structure), so… pretty simple. :)

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