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How do I translate this?

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I want to know how I have to translate these texts I've marked in red in the below image:


I've found these texts in wire\modules\Inputfield\InputfieldPage\InputfieldPage.module but as this module did not have files with .json or .zip extension, I can't load the texts I want to translate on Admin >  Setup > Languages
How I should translate them?

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Not sure what you mean with these .json and .zip files, but I'm guessing you're saying that they weren't there in some language pack you've downloaded? Not all language packs contain all files -- there may be more translatable phrases now than there were when the language pack was created etc. so you'll have to either translate these manually or post a heads-up about these to the maintainer of that particular language pack.

Anyway, if you want to translate this file manually then just follow these steps:

  1. Log in, go to Setup > Languages and select target language
  2. At the bottom of "Language translation files" follow the "translate new file" link
  3. Type whole path (\wire\modules\Inputfield\InputfieldPage\InputfieldPage.module) in the "File to translate" input
  4. Translation page should open -- now you'll just have to translate phrases manually and save

If I'm understanding something wrong here, please provide some extra information about what you're exactly trying to do.

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Yes. That's the exactly I was wondering.
I have done it before but I couldn't remember it :wacko:
Thanks for taking your time explaining me.
Best regards

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Thanks Teppo, that's exactly what should be documented somewhere.

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