I've not tried seddass's solution, but it looks right on. I'm using some of his code in my example too. So here's another option, which is to piggyback onto the MarkupPagerNav module, even though you aren't dealing with pages. <?php // get the images you are going to display $items_per_page = 4; $start = ($input->pageNum - 1) * $items_per_page; $total = count($page->images); $images = $page->images->slice($start, $items_per_page); // make this to give MarkupPagerNav what it needs $a = new PageArray(); // add in some generic placeholder pages foreach($images as $unused) $a->add(new Page()); // tell the PageArray some details it needs for pagination // (something that PW usually does internally, for pages it loads) $a->setTotal($total); $a->setLimit($items_per_page); $a->setStart($start); // output your images foreach($images as $p) { $img = $p->img; echo "<img src='{$img->url}' alt='{$img->description}' />"; } // output the pagination navigation echo $a->renderPager(); Btw, an images field on a page isn't going to scale infinitely. At some point, you are going to find it difficult to manage, sort, etc. So I would still place some limits on yourself for the max number of images you are going to attach to a single page.
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