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Weird sort issues after deployment Windows -> CentOS

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I've now twice noticed a problem after I deployed a version to a live server.

For example the top buttons in Admin.

Usually they are in the order:

  • Pages
  • Setup
  • Modules
  • Access

Only when I pushed everyting (incl database export) live the order seems to have changed to 

  • Pages
  • Modules
  • Setup
  • Access

I also noticed a simple selector seems to ignore the sort I used, and used I think the ID for sorting.

It was a critical moment so I quick-hacked a sort after the selector got it results, and thus was not able to get the source ot the problem.

The production server uses CentOS with Php 5.2.17 and MySQL 5.0.51a

Before I lose hours in debugging and testing, maybe anyone has noticed the same issues and already figured out what was wrong?

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I've not ever seen that particular issue. Though know that there was a sorting bug in a certain MySQL version (bug in MySQL not PW), so that would be something to look at. That's the only thing I can think of. Unrelated, but also be sure to get your PHP version up above 5.3 if possible. 

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