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WP got hacked need PW 2.0


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Hi Everyone. 

Is there a place that I can download PW 1.9 somewhere? I have a few sites that were running that version and they got hacked. 

I need to replace some files before I can upgrade. 

Just a note, it wasn't processwire that got hacked, it was a single copy of wordpress on my server that allowed a hacker to erase all my index.php files from all of my domains. :(

Thanks in advance,

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Thanks a million teppo. 

Yeah, for clarification, the title of this thread should be changed! I will be more careful in the future. 

@ admins - can the title be modified? 

// @adamkiss, 25.06.2013 – done.

Why do you need old version of the PW when you can use latest and greatest version of the PW!

because I needed to restore the websites index.php files before doing an export and upgrade to the newest PW ;)

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I don't see the ability to edit the title when I edit the first post in this thread. Otherwise I would change it. 

Hi joshuag,

Sorry, I wasn't very clear, but you first have to klick [edit] and afterwards [use full editor] or how ever it sounds, and then, (I swear!), you get it. :)

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