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Migrated install. PW control panel won't list pages. :-(


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I moved my site to a new server. Although the front-end looks fine and is showing the site pages as expected, the PW control panel is not listing the pages. The little arrow animation just sits there. The rest of the PW interface is all there and looks good. It just won't list the pages.

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Ok, using FireBug's console, I've determined that I've had a malware injection that's showing up in the ajax response for the page listing.

But I can't find the file that's screwing up.

... Looks like the best thing to do here is to run a restore of that site on my server from a previous backup. This will give me clean versions of all the files.

Thanks, Wanze, for the reminder that Firebug's console is so much more helpful than Safari's default console. Safari wasn't showing me the response, which is where the marlware injection code had been inserted.

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