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Cheatsheet E-Book for offline use

Vineet Sawant

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Hello all,

I just spent 3 days without internet and I couldn't do much work on my ProcessWire project because I couldn't use the cheatsheet.

I realized that there's a need to have PW's documentation in an ebook format including cheatsheet.

So I've copy-pasted cheatsheet in a doc file & created a cheatsheet ebook for offline use. I'm posting it here so that others can also use it.

Please let me know if doing this is wrong in anyway, I'll delete the files.

Also note that there was no intention to make any kind of profit by using cheatsheet to make an ebook out of it.

I hope this will help people like me when they're unable to access cheatsheet for any reason.


EDIT: Attached file has been updated, as it wasn't readable on Mac and also wasn't very good looking. So I've updated it for better readability but I'm not sure if it still works on Mac, so someone needs to check it for me. :)


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I've always thought it would best to have the Cheatsheet available as a PAGE or TEMPLATE available to download/import into our own installation.

Search would be enabled, a nice jQuery dropmenu would make it easy to find all the information :)

Was just thinking about this! It would also solve offline issues (run it locally)

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OK, for the truly lazy like me...here's the html version attached. Clicking on Advanced twice seems to add ++ instead of just one? No biggie though...I removed the Google Analytics stuff - you don't need those. You can easily use this in your PW template file of course.

All credits to Soma of course ;)

Edit: Note (see post by Soma below) - this Cheat Sheet will need to be updated with PW 2.3  additions :)


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Hello Soma,

Thanks for your reply.

I was wondering the same about the file size. Anyways, I guess it's better to wait for the latest cheatsheets to be released so that I can update the one I've.

I'll be sharing doc file this time. 

maybe i'm wrong, but the only text in pdf is the word "cheatsheet" and all other is hi-res bmp. if you don't mind, you can send me your source and i'll try to convert it.
ps: sorry for my English, as always =)
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Thanks for this :). Btw, I don't wish to steal k07n's thunder but I just used Word's "Save as PDF" and the resulting file is only 333KB (and text searchable). How did you convert yours? 

Hello kongondo,

I did exactly the same, that's what puzzling me why the pdf's becoming so heavy.

Btw, I'm using Microsoft Office ProPlus 2013 trial version, if that matters.

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