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Rangeslider set / get weirdness


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ran into a weird range slider error.

I have a range slider "size" with a number 1-3. Sometimes I want to override the value in the cms by doing $my_page->size = 3, or similar. Works fine most of the cases, except in one particular page where I get

Error:     Exception: Page '/page/path/' is not currently viewable. (in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/vandejong/wire/modules/PageRender.module line 218)

...if I try to echo $my_page->size.

If I try to set it, it becomes "1" regardless of what value I try to set it to. 

anyone seen this? 



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Ah, it's simpler than I thought. I don't seem to be able to set any value in php of a range slider field

$my_page->my_rangeslider = whatever integer

  always becomes

echo $my_page->my_rangeslider; // 1

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Can you tell a little more what the field settings are set to?

Ok it's a litte special with this field because it also supports "range" setting (min,max).

So it has two values actually and uses outputformatting because is an object behind the scenes. To set the value in template code you need to turn it off and use 

$page->range->set("min", 3);
$page->range->min = 3;
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