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Im using the following structure

Location 1
  - Employee
     -- John Doe
     --Jane Doe

  - Department
    -- Confused Department
    --Even More Confused

Each employee is assigned a department which I am using a select page reference field. I need to be able to print the title of the department.

I am using the following to output my fields, but for the "department" field, I can only get it to print the id.  I am assuming this is because its only a page reference field as to why it will not print the title.  Any tips are appreciated

$employees = $page->find("template=profile");
         foreach ($employees as $employee) { 
          echo '<tr>';
             echo "<td>{$employee->first_name}</td>";
             echo "<td>{$employee->last_name}</td>";
             echo "<td>{$employee->job_title}</td>";
             echo "<td>{$employee->department}</td>";
             echo "<td><a href='{$employee->url}'>Profile</a></td>";
             echo '</tr>';

I have tried 

echo "<td>{$employee->department->title}</td>";

with no luck

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Okay, so I figured it out sorta.

I had to change the field type to "Single page (Page) or empty page (NullPage) when none selected" instead of the multiple pages. Also if I tried the single page boolean, I threw this error "Trying to get property of non-object".

Maybe someone can educate me today :) on how this would work or if it could work with the multiple page array?

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