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My very first PW site: http://fantastique.ch/

Launched a week ago. The bulk work was not design or scripting / CMS-related, but writing copy and choosing what work to include and what not. Oh, and exporting tons of data from MODX Evo and import to PW (lots of data was in an ancient site / on another domain). 

It was a great learning process, and I must say it's a real pleasure working with PW.

Thanks for all the help I got so far with my n00b questions in here.

I'm not happy yet with the frontpage (should add more content and probably more visuals). I'm gonna add some case studies (simply describing a project from start to finish in more detail). And if I really have a full week or two, add a german version as well. Initially, I wanted a multilingual version from the get-go, but I decided it's better to launch something, rather than nothing.

In June, I'll launch my 1st PW-powered client site. Looking forward to discover even more PW awesomeness along the way.

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Great work, Dragan! Really nice use of Foundation here. When someone posts a new website and doesn't even mention it's mobile-ready, I attribute it, at least partly, to the greatness of ProcessWire :). "So All Drupal & Joomla lover", please, take notes.

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IMO, if you build new sites today and don't care about mobile devices, you're doing something wrong :)

(well, at least if you're doing this professionally)

btw: one of the many things about PW that awed me from the start was the mobile friendliness of the backend - out of the box. Over the weekend I was out of town and spotted a little typo; it was quickly fixed with my phone.

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Congrats on your first one! Looking good.

Writing up case studies will be useful. Also for ex-MODX-ers, it will be useful to write-up the steps/decisions you took to import Evo into PW, matching fields, etc. When you have time of course ;). Thanks.

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