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Dear Community,

As I checked "unpublished: Not visible on site" in the settings of the "home"-page, it is still available in the frontend!
I know there must be something reachable under "/". But is there any option of a "maintanance work" site?

Usually I do it with .htaccess. But would be nice to have a standard redirect after unpublishing the home site.

ideas welcome!



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You will still see the page if you are logged in as super user. Logout or access that url in the browser's private mode to check if it's visible to general public.

For maintenance, besides Pete's module check also these tips of mine



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Thanks for the quick answer. I wouldn't have started this topic unless looking for "maintenance" in the forum, but I didn't get any search results!
Maybe I got lost in language! Sorry for wasting the forum. :wacko:

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You will still see the page if you are logged in as super user. Logout or access that url in the browser's private mode to check if it's visible to general public.

get an Server Error in this case.

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