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looking for PW + PHP developer


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Hello professional PW world!

Not being a developer/designer myself (its rather my hobby), I've liked PW for its simplicity and flexibility and even developed simple site with it. However more complex sites require time to grow professionalism in PHP/JS/design/etc - something that I can't get quickly and without impact on my main work. As a result, I'd like to post job here.

In brief - I'm looking for professional PW + PHP developer for full-cycle PW-powered site development. 

Site will be analogy of coachup.com. Differences come from content that will be provided during development (another business area, specifically, education + content language is Russian (but I'll need to leave possibility to easily switch to other languages)). All the rest (front-end design concept, site structure, frond-end and back-end functionality, etc) is the same.

Please check this site to get full picture and understand scope of work. Take into account that functionality includes work with external APIs: authorization from social sites, Google maps, payment gateway, support chat. Hope this helps to estimate budget and time.

Please contact me with questions and proposals at andrey.valiev@hotmail.com. Or leave comments here. Thank you!

Best regards,


P.S. As I plan to develop few other PW-powered sites, more job may come. 

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Andrey, I would love to build this in PW, but you will need a substantial budget. 

16-32 design documentation 

80-120 hours development time

plus 30% overhead and to account for some scope creep and unexpected problems

So were already close to 200 hours and that's just to build. That doesn't take into account any time for branding/logo/web design (the visual presentation of your site). If these are things you have considered and you can afford to build this, send me a PM. Thanks!

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