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Here is a recent site done in processwire:


modules used include

  • formbuilder
  • procache
  • cropimage
  • version control for text fields
  • after save actions

based on a template by the great team at Elemis.

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Hey Macrura,

Nicely done!  Big, open, airy presentation.  And the people are a center of attention, which is terrific.

Just need to add some more concerts to the "Concerts" page!

I'm jealous of the quality of your photos!  How often have I asked my clients to provide photos like that for me to work with.

Thanks for sharing,


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@matthew and all - thanks for looking;   site will grow bit by bit; will be adding a paypal button at some point to purchase a cd, as well as some video and more news/events...

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      Hi all,
      i'm running into a funny  little issue
      i'm working on a multilingual website, default is English, second language French
      in this website i've a form for visitors to submit an event, title, date and so on, when they submit the event, it's stored into a personnal db table
      i've created a module in the admin where admins (well, of course 🙂 ) can't validate or delete the submitted events, thanks to pw, it works like breeze except for one little thing 🙂
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      Running into an odd error that I can't seem to get my head around.
      We have 2 separately created Formbuilder forms sitting on a single page.
      But we keep experiencing weird results with them, originally we couldn't get one of the forms to ever submit so we ended up disabling CSRF for them which let us get around this issue.
      However it then causes a problem in that with CSRF disabled, one of forms always records 2 entries on submission. Just a straight duplicate within the entries for that form.
      So trying to stop this happening we tried enabling CSRF again and although that does stop the duplicated entry, it ends up giving really weird feedback such as the attached screengrab.
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