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Images Manager (beta)


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Yes, it was a Dev image I downloaded last night.  I see there's a newer one from about 6 hours ago, but I haven't touched that one.

can you enable debug mode and see what errors you got?

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Adrian is correct. I was referring to the maxfilesize in the module at line 36. If that's not being used then I have no idea what to say. I have several images uploaded successfully through the module but the largest I have been able to get though is 1,067Kb. I have another in there that is 3,396kb that failed through ImagesManager but I was able to upload by going directly to /images/category-1/ create new page and upload by normal pw method.

I will contact my host admin and get the max increased, maybe that will fix it. Still weird.

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I was able to reproduce issues with latest dev 2.4.2, while working in 2.4.1 still.

Took me couple hours to get around the problems introduced here, but somehow found what the issue was and committed a fix just now.

Part of it is still hackish, and it seems I can't set a custom upload path for InputfieldImage anymore. So it will take now the admin page assets folder for uploading. This results in you don't have to set a temp upload folder (took it out for now).

Also made sure images uploaded get deleted in case of errors.

Added check tomake sure parent catgegory page is selected before uploading.

Added support for showIf dependencies, so the file input will only be shown when a parent is selected, this will only work for 2.3+ (?).

Some minor changes in ImagesManagerParser to account for upcoming new fieldtypes by Ryan.

Meanwhile I found some bug in InputfieldPageListSelectMultiple that makes it not work with inputfield dependencies, I submitted a PR for Ryan. I got it still working with a trick.

So unless there's other changes to image/file inputfields this version should be save for 2.4 and upcomming 2.5. But after all still a proof of concept! :)

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Hey Soma,

great module :) Anyway, when i'm uploading images, i get an error:

Pageimage::__construct requires instance of Pageimages

the first image appears in the list, but has no thumbnail...

Also, when browsing to the gallery page, i get a 404.

I created the templates without a file (in the admin cp) to test things, could that be a problem?

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Works fine, can you tell a little more how you setup things and what version of module and ProcessWire.

Have you set the image field to only 1 image max?

A page with no template file can't be browsed on front-end, if that's what you mean. Or what is gallery page?

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This is a great module! However I'm having a small issue in 2.4.0. ImageManager is not detecting the pages a photo is placed on. I've tried adding the photo to the page via the provided Imagetag and the TinyMCE inserts and either way the 'Pages' column of the ImageManager only shows the 'search' page, even though I can see the image when I view the page from the front-end. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Just fixed various issues.

- images now get correctly uploaded to the category selected (this was a bug introduced by myself in the JS).

- fix issue with category filter not showing nested categories correctly

- fix issue with page search link not working correctly, made sure it works also with new 2.5 dev search page using Lister and now uses the textarea fields specified in the module settings.

- changed the category select on images upload to a simple select input, with visually nested categories, for easier handling

- some cleanup

bumped up the version to 0.0.7. https://github.com/somatonic/ImagesManager

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Hello guys

Just committed a larger update to 0.1.0:

lots of cleanup and major changes, but still backwards compatible

  • some fixes to tag parser as there were issues with multi language
  • major rewrite of the image results table to get rid of bundled jQueryDataTable and Fancybox (saves a lot of files and resources that where not necessary)
  • now uses PW MarkupAdminDataTable with custom ajax
  • overall nicer and solider UI integration into PW new admin theme
  • other small improvements and fixes

To update, just replace the module folder with the new one. There's a lot of files deleted, so don't just merge.

So a lot of changes behind the scenes you won't notice much, but also UI wise it's much nicer now. 

It should works nice and I think requires PW 2.4 now. Not tested in 2.3, but mainly I think the use of JqueryMagnicfic Lightbox script (in core 2.4) now for image preview zoom. Otherwise it should work the same.

I removed alpha status, whatever that means. After all it's not meant to be the solution to all problems people might have with PW's media management. It's a nice little helper tool to upload images and create pages from them. In the end it's all saved in a form you could even uninstall ImagesManager and plug your own to handle the data. It can also be seen as a resource. I'm not sure I'll add it to the modules directory.

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Made a little update to the ImageManager.module. Haven't recognized something before when testing.

- fixed issue with pagination not working in PW 2.4 when using has_parent=/path/, turned out that has_parent=1009 with ID works. Looks like this has been fixed in latest dev.

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Soma, Just trying out your module. Looks great.

After playing around with it for a while I noticed a few issues and some things that are shown in the demo but don't appear to work for me.

I am using Processwire 2.5.3 and found the following issues

1. Modal window doesn't open up when editing an image as shown in the screencast.

2. Small thumbnail images are not shown on the page tree as shown in screencast
3. The Drag and top doesn't work for uploading images

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I install the module and test it on a 2.6.17 system. I get this error:

Error: Call to a member function count() on null (line 555 /path/to/the/module/ImagesManager.module);

If I change the line 555 and 557 like the following, it works as expected.

                        $imageUrl = $res->image->first->url;
                        $thumb = $res->myimagefield->first->size(120,0)->url;

Any clues for me??

Gideon So

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I was pleasantly surprised this module still works on the latest dev PW version ?

Well, with one exception: The search assumes there are two more fields present, but the readme doesn't mention them. This results in errors... 


Are select_production + select_person page-references? I can't find them in the install instruction or module config.

(I'm fully aware the module has never been officially declared as stable and is now 5 1/2 years old, but some files have been updates 4 months ago, so I thought maybe asking here wouldn't hurt...)

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Indeed, installed on a 3 0 131 version and it works...
however, only 20 images are saved, no more... I tried with 21, 30, 50 .... but only 20 are being saved, although the minimum default is 50... 

Anyone an idea what could be the problem?

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