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Module: Frontend Edit


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What it does:

turns the content of $page->body into a clickable area and gives the ability to frontend edit the content via tinyMCE


In the next days. (my aim is tomorrow evening)

Oh my, I was literally about to start on that this morning. Looking forward to the result :)

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Nice.  In context editing is actually a built in feature of CKEditor, see demo here.   I was going to build something similar using the API to add a save call to the front end.  I'd be interested to look at your code once the module is live.  Did you have any difficulty putting this together?

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thanks for your responses :)

@photoman355 :

The intention why I choose TinyMCE is pretty simple, the user knows tiny from the backend, so he might feel comfortable to tiny. 

I didn't faced any problems with integration so far, just finished the jquery thingy to add the needed divs, a's etc...

Just tried to keep it on a very simple and basic approach, just click on the $page->body content and change the text on the fly, not more. For further editing you still have to go to the backend. 

Further editing just feels wrong on the frontend. 

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Thanks Luis, sounds pretty straightforward.  The CKEditor module is in beta at the moment but inline mode has been enabled to work on the backend.  With this in mind it should be fairly easy to bring it over to the frontend.

I agree the further editing should be in the backend until someone figures out how to do this in a user friendly way.  There is the Admin Bar module but it seems to be more geared towards a site built with pages.  It doesn't work as well for one page websites or sites built with widgets.

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Looks good Luis! Thanks for making this.

One suggestion I would have (for now or a future version) would be to remove the dependency on a field named 'body'. Not everyone has a field named 'body', and others may have one or more other textarea fields they want to use this module with. So you could take an approach of finding all the textarea fields using TinyMCE and make them editable from your addDivs method:

foreach($page->template->fieldgroup as $field) {
  if(!$field->type instanceof FieldtypeTextarea) continue;
  if($field->inputfieldClass != 'InputfieldTinyMCE') continue; 
  // if you reached this point, this is a field that can be made editable
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just for a test I have installed the Frontend Edit module in an out of the box PW site. The module is installed but nothing happens, I mean I cannot find any new editing function. Maybe I´m missing something here?


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