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Portfolio Website for a german office furniture & interior design studio

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Hey guys, another green website from the processwire beginners based near munich. This website is our first REAL PW project - and (for us) one of the biggest sites we‘ve ever built. And actually the first one with a CMS/framework that we did totally on our own. So, don‘t be too negative - but don‘t be too positive either. ;)


There are still many things that are not perfect yet, but since we started to design this website in 2011, it really was time to get it "into the wild" now! Many furniture manufacturers still haven‘t sent their best product images, so that is why there are still some lowres images in there. The project chapter needs some work on the photos as well, but that time will come... 

The site is not responsive yet, because it wasn‘t our main goal in 2011 - so we only wanted to get it working on tablets and phones, but without any special mobile styles. This will come, but that may take a while.

The modules we used:

- formbuilder

- procache

- redirects

- versioncontrol

- sitemapxml

I‘m totally glad I found processwire a few months ago, because at first we planned to get that site done with pure static html. Which would not be TOO nice with about 80 html pages and many, many images (about 400).

Finally a few "thank you"s to ryan, soma, diogo (for creating processwire and your help in this lovely forum) and to mademyday (for posting this on twitter, which made me read about processwire).

Comments are welcome! Of course!

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Love it Georgson.

It looks immediately professional, I love the type and my favourite part, definitely the navigation!

Great job :)

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Hello Georgson,

looks really great, very fast, displays nearly immediately on my asus transformer pad. i also like the professional clean look and the right sidebar with navigation and summary.

could you tell us how you did all in processwire?

one thing i noticed: the shadow right to the main navigation is too high when the main is too small.

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Thanks, guys. Good to know it loads fast - despite the fact that our provider is strato... ;)

The shadow: yeah, I know. We decided to let it be that way. The CSS problems with the relative heights were just too annoying - we had other things to work on. And the general impression feels OK - even with that looooong shadow. ;)

What do you wanna know about PW? Just one general thing: every project and every manufacturer has its own page, also the team members have their own pages (but are only displayed on the team page). All the fields are normal text and imagefields, nothing fancy (compared to other showcase sites in here!).

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The theme and layout setup is very nice with a very soothing color which is bright and not too focusing. I really like the way you guys have done it. Goog job.

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Very nice site! Chapeau, as we say in Switzerland ("hats off").

I especially like the thought-out cross-linking / navigation elements.

The bright green + grey texts could be a touch darker, imho (contrast). But that's nitpicking...

Content-wise, maybe someone needs to go through the entire site and do some proofreading?


Did Michaela Sell recently marry? Her name on the team-pic is Michaela Krug, not Sell :-)

"Individuelle Neugestaltung einer Gewerbefläche in einem  Zweifamilienhauses mit einem Empfangsbereich"

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Thanks, guys.

@dragan: Yeah, thanks. Ms Sell is now married - do you know her? ;) We simply forgot to change the pic, right. Will be done tomorrow. 

Proofreading would be cool, yes - but you don’t wanna know how many hours we’ve already spent on this project. ;) So no proofreading from us in the near future. We will keep correcting typos as we find them. Therefor many thanks for your reply!

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