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I have a situation where I need a client to be able to select from a pre-existing group of pages to include in a member's page of a site. For example, consider this structure:


category 1

--cat 1 content 1

--cat 1 content 2

category 2

--cat2 content 1

--cat2 content 2




So would it be possible for a client to choose on the page "bob" to show the page "--cat 1 content 1" and any other page in that category and possibly also "--cat 2 content 1"?

The member's pages are hidden from the public and require a login to view "bob" and "andrew". Meaning only user "bob" can login to "bob".

Would this be possible by using the "pages" field?

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Thanks diogo. How do you output a list of these pages? My field is named "artworkpageselect".

EDIT: I figured it out.

EDIT2: How would you specify just 'category1' and 'category2' in the pages field module? It appears that you can just choose one parent. Is there a way to choose more than one parent?

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