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Module: MinifyHTML


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Simple module, didn't even plan to add it to the forum untill owzim asked me to.


This module takes the HTML output and then minifies it, and removes all comments from it but leaving the conditional comments in place.


Just install, nothing to configure, works automatically.



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Sites in Internet Explorer 8 (and perhaps older) are totally unstyled when minify HTML is active. I don't know if it's an actual issue yet. Seems like the elements cannot be styled when there are no spaces at all.

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I am wondering if the issue on IE has been fixed? I am using IE8 and the page is not styled at all, not sure if the issue has been addressed :) Thanks

Hi Peter,

I tested the minifier on two sites using IE8, but both of them were showing the styles. I used Unsemantic Site Profile for Processwire and the default PW Profile.

My IE8 version is 8.0.6001.18702

If you've got a minute to spare, can you check the default PW profile with the minifer using your version of IE8. What version do you use?

If anyone else already knows what's wrong, please let me know.


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