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Thought I'd point out a fantastic resource for placeholder images. Rather than the usual grey boxes or kittens...


The usual /300x400 urls apply.

Also if you want to avoid seeing the same images crop up again and again, you can use a tiny js file


You won't go back!

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I know what you mean Matthew!

I'm just going through the sad process of removing the auto-generated ones from hhhhold (very cool images) with company ones and it's depressing as the site looks worse for it!

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I started using lorempixel yesterday, and I like that they have different categories of images. So I can do lorempixel.com/640/480/sports/3 to get the third image from the "sports" category. That's very helpful and allows you to get closer to what a client might have in mind :-) 

I do like that hhhhold lets you specify dark/bright and the JS thing is cool.

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