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oh no! install successful but no pages and no login...


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I was so happy to have everything together now ;-) new problem

Installed a basic install on a running environment, via .install.php. Database connection fine, tables are there. Install.php destroyed "itself" (couldn't find it any more after installation process). Install Folder deleted.

I now can see the index.php ok, but any local site link gives (example:about) "Not Found. The requested URL /about/ was not found on this server."

Where could I search?

There was a problem during setup. the .htaccess wasn't recognized as "processwire", though it was the renamed htaccess.txt .I skipped that point.

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oh! provider overrides htacess, I just noticed. Strato. I'll find out if I can change that...

update: could prepend the pw htacess to the strato thing (which in fact was just a php config thing)...

performance is bad, compared to the existing site!

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