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Proper way to get checkbox values


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I have a page field, called status.

In there are 3 pages with the names of let's say is_liquid, is_translucent, is_hot. Since it's checkboxes, "Multiple pages (PageArray)" has to be activated in field options/details.

So How to acces it?

Do Really have to look into the array to see if the option is there? That's cumbersome, even with in_array (since I would have to pass the actual page objects):

foreach ($page->status as $status) {

I'd rather have something like:

if($page->status->is_hot) {
    // something

Please help! =)

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One thing I want to mention is that you don't want to actually have a field of your own called "status", just because that is already a built-in field for every page. That is on our reserved words list, so I don't think PW will let you create a field with that name, but just wanted to mention it. 

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