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'Active' language unselected when page is created via page field, but selected when created separately.


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Hi there, I've run into a problem I'm not sure how to solve.

I have a site with many languages (>10). If I create a page (="Author") through the admin ('new'), per default all languages are checked and marked as 'active'. Great.

However, If I create the same page through a page field ('press enter to create a new page'). Per default, no other language than default is checked. The client has to remember to re-open that newly created author and check >10 checkboxes for this page to be available in all languages. 

How can I make sure all languages are checked per default in both cases above. So that no matter how the author is created all languages are always checked?

many thanks, J

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30 minutes ago, joe_g said:

per default all languages are checked and marked as 'active'

I'm curious, where in PW do you see a list of languages that are active or not for a page? I see nothing like this in my multi-language site but maybe you are using a specific module?

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Hello, It is for a page. Not sure I expressed myself clear enough.

So if i do a new "author" with new:


The resulting author has all languages checked per default, great! :



However, if i create an author through a page field:


All languages are turned off by default:



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I don't have theses active checkboxes in my multi-language pages, maybe you are using a specific module and that could help to mention it in your original post?

Or is it an old PW version? I have no idea here. ?

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I guess this is a good use case for a small hook in /site/ready.php.

In this thread are code examples about how to set/activate languages via API and even a hook snippet.

Would be the easiest/fastest way to add this behaviour. You would need to limit it to the author template - just in case.

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