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Text Tags field - Retrieve values and labels of Predefined options/tags

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I have tried several things without any success after reading several pages from different sections of the website.
I even tried to use tagsList that I found about with Tracy Debugger but could'nt get very far.

I first tried with the Pro Table field and ASM Select *, then, because it seemed impossible or too complicated, I tried the same but with children pages and Text Tags (new to me).

Has someone already succeeded in retrieving separately the values and the labels from a Predefined options/tags list (Input tab) in a Text (Type) field with the Text Tags Input mode (Details tab)?
Max tags/options is 1.

In this case, there is a parent page displaying content from its children pages (I already get the single possible value. I can't get its label (like it was also the case with the Pro Table field). Even though I would have liked to be able to get it I don't need it this time).

But in order to filter the children data "cards" displayed on the parent page, I need the value and the label for each Predefined options/tags that I defined in the Text Tags field.
I can't manage to have a list of <li uk-filter-control=".{$value}"><a href="#">{$label}</a></li>.

In Predefined options/tags list, I have a list of value=label, because in my language I can't have the same for both.

Thanks in advance if anyone already faced this need and resolved it.

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I have resolved everything with children pages and a Page Reference field with single select *.
I'm also using the PageEditChildren module. 
And with children pages I can use the VerifiedURLs pro module.

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