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Weekly update – 20 June 2024

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All of this week’s dev branch core commits are from today, though some were worked on throughout the week. There's a mix of issue fixes and worthwhile new features. The InputfieldTextTags now can handle a couple more situations than it could before, such as single-Page selection mode and numeric-only tags, when used as an input type for Page fields. Another worthwhile addition is that ProcessWire now compares the PHP time to the database time once per superuser session and alerts you when they differ. It also provides some instruction on how to fix that situation. This prevents you from getting strange page modification times like "3 hours from now" when you just saved, and similar cases, for when the DB time happens to differ from the PHP time. (Thanks to @bernhard for the suggestion). This week's update is a day early because I've got to pick up my daughter from camp tomorrow and it's a couple of states away, so I'll be on the road tomorrow rather than at the computer. I hope you have a great weekend! 

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Have a safe road trip! Make it a memorable drive back with your daughter, too, and enjoy the weekend!

Thanks for the suggestion on the time fix, @bernhard! I'd seen it a bunch of times but never realized it was a mismatch. Good catch! Looking forward to checking the commit logs, especially for the InputfieldTextTags.

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