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What field to use for image reference?


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I have made a photo gallery using PW and I'm quite pleased with myself as it works pretty much as I want and I consider myself a basic programmer. Basically my templates use Pageimages field to hold uploaded images. Now I want to make a template to share some of my images online. I intend to cherry pick a bunch of my images and store the selection in a WireArray. Then I want to be able to send a link to someone which will use this to display the selection of images. The bit that I don't know is how to save this WireArray of selected images. I don't want to use Pageimages because it will store again the image on disc, what I want is a reference to the already saved images so that I can use that in my template field, but I'm not sure what field to use. Is it one of the Page Reference fields in the drop list for fields? I've tried looking this up in the forums but most of it seems to be to map things to front end  (AsmSelect etc. which I don't really understand!) whereas I just want to save my list of selected image references to the database. I could probably use the cache class to save the WireArray as it says it can save arrays... but any pointers in the right direction would help.

Many thanks!

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