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All text deleted after problem with Hanna


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I have quite an annoying problem: after the sudden appearance of the error message that TinyMCE cannot initialize the Hanna plugin, all textfields, that use the Hanna text formatter, are empty and hours of work are gone. Everything worked fine till then. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Edit: After I uninstalled all Hanna related modules the textarea does not store any more changes. Whatever I enter is deleted after pressing the save button. Of course there is no error message, I just saw that it remains empty when I went to the page. 

Edit 2: As the problem with saving appears only in the commercial (aka PAID) combo module the problem seems to lay in that module.   



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First of all do a backup to keep at least what's still saved. Then check where the HannaCode Textformatter is still set (Textareas).

Have you cleared compiled files? Are there any errors in the browser console or ProcessWire log?


Can you tell us a bit more about the Combo field, its fields and settings.
Screenshots would be a great to help to understand the structure.

What does the HannaCode do?

Are there any hooks in ready.php or custom modules?



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Thanks for the quick help! After doing all the suggested steps I finally found the problem and the solution: Ryan had posted an update of the Combo module which I installed and now it works. As the problem probably existed for a longer time all the data is gone, but at least I can continue working now. 

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