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Cannot copy text from Mail Interceptor output

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Good day, @adrian! Hope you're just fine!

I am using Mail Interceptor option to debug LoginRegisterPro. It sends mails with codes and links. But Mail Interceptor output window doesn't let me copy from it. I can see that all Tracy windows are like that, but this is probably the place, where this behaviour is extremely undesirable. Could we fix this without breaking everything else?

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Hi Ivan,

I am not seeing any issues copying content from Tracy panels including the Mail Interceptor.


That said, there are quite a lot of "user-select: none" declarations within the Tracy core and my add-on code: https://github.com/search?q=repo%3Aadrianbj%2FTracyDebugger+"user-select%3A+none"&type=code

but I don't think any of these should impact copying from the content of a panel.

Could you please perhaps inspect the elements you are trying to copy and see if somehow there is a "user-select: none" declaration applied to them?


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