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I would appreciate some guidance on how to manage images.
My project is a county golf archive. It has (currently) around 1000 player records, 500 championship records, 1000 match records.
I have about 2,200 images, and this will increase by at least 200 per year. These images might be of a single player, so these are relevant to that player's page and maybe also a championship page or match he/she was playing in. But I also have many images that include multiple players eg team photo, relevant to multiple players and a match or championship.
I would like pages for players, championships and matches to show related images for that player.
What would be the best way to structure this? I have considered creating a separate template for all images utilising page reference fields to link to players, championships etc, but I don't know if this would impose a heavy overhead on the database and impact performance as the archive grows. Or should I simply have image fields in players, matches, championships templates, and put tag data into image fields to create the links?
Many thanks



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I'd put the images to the entity they belong to.

In case I'd need to show the match a player participated in I'd create a reference field to add matches to players and whereever needed. This way I can list all the matches at one point and grab all matching images as well if needed. There might be more logic needed to check if and where to show these details but overall this would probably my way to go.

On the other hand a collection of images, like a media gallery (see media manager), could be an option as well - if you like that workflow. I personally don't.

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