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Thoughts on Image Usage: Summarise sizes, types, etc.


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Hello folks. I've got a site with lots of images (large hero images, people's bio images and company logos mostly). I've noticed the site takes up a lot of disc space and then saw that many of the uploaded images are quite large (5MB). I use ImageSmush, but until now hadn't limited the file size on upload. I'd like to be able to give the client a list of the largest images so that they can re-upload a smaller version and/or smush them, clear variations, etc. Basically see if we can get some disc space back.

I would love a page/system/module to give a report on all pages with images overs XX kb (for instance). Also, many photos have been uploaded as pngs (less than ideal), so having an option to find all pngs, for example would be nice.

Has anyone seen a module like this or has a suggestion to create a report like this? Or any other thoughts. Thanks.

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