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NativePHP: build native applications, using the tools you already know


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"NativePHP is not a GUI framework. We don't want to tell you how to build your app. You can choose whatever UI toolset makes you and your team feel most productive."

"#What's in the box?
NativePHP comes with a bunch of useful features out of the box, including:

Window management
Menu management
File management
Database support (SQLite)
Native notifications"

What can I build with NativePHP?
Honestly, anything you want. The only limit is your imagination.

Now for building Windows apps too: https://github.com/orgs/NativePHP/discussions/278

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PW doesn't work with SQlite, so no PW based nativephp apps possible) This is PW forum, so my first reaction is to explore possibilities of every tech mentioned concerning PW. I am sure the DB is not the only limitation though)

But nativephp is something cool to know about anyway. Thanks, @szabesz!

P.S. I've seen @flydev following static-php-cli which is a dependency for nativephp. Maybe he can share his wisdom on the topic.

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Hi, @Ivan Gretsky effectively, I started to give little time again on an experimental project I started nine months ago where the goals is let a pw developers build a desktop application using php/pw knowledges without digging into advanced javascript/bindings or learning a native language. About the db, you want to work with statitcaly embedded mariadb versions, SQLite could be possible, but will require a lot of work.

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On 5/4/2024 at 3:57 AM, flydev said:

without digging into advanced javascript/bindings or learning a native language

I just built an application using Livewire and it was a blast to work with, mentioning given NativePHP's support for Laravel. I recommend it if there's a project that has requirements to justify it while avoiding JS hell in full stack. I essentially wrote 130 lines of JS for an app with AJAX, dynamic forms + validation, file uploads, notifications dispatched from the server, SPA navigation, polling, etc.

That aside, it would be pretty amazing to see a PW to desktop bridge. For all the power full stack frameworks offer- they're too open ended for a lot of projects and ProcessWire would be really rad alternative to see in this context. Hope to see something with your project @flydev!

First app I would build would be an app to track all the work I'm not doing while I'm building a ProcessWire desktop app (billion $ idea, get in on the ground floor, investors welcome).

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