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Cannot sort pagearray after adding items


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I have the following selector:

$ps = wire("pages")->find("parent=/veranstaltungen/, !promo_start_date>$time, !promo_end_date<$time, limit=3, sort=start_date");


that works perfectly. But when I add pages from another query with $a->add() function, the two page arrays seem to get sorted separatedly when I sort them with $array->sort(), but I need the whole array to be sorted... Any ideas what I am doing wrong? 


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Please check if you have a page item added twice in your PageArray after the add operation. Had a similar issue with sorting in one of my projects due to one page item added twice as result of an add call. Just output the PageArray e.g. with Tracy dump methods for a quick check. If there are duplicated page items, PageArray is sorted by page ids by default. See this thread for additional infos.

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