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Weekly update – 26 April 2024 – ProFields Table v29


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This week we have another update to the ProFields table field. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post about Table v28 and the new actions features that it added. I've been working with Table a lot for my current client project, and have found these new features very useful. But I'm doing a lot of data entry in Table and found I still wanted more. Specifically, I wanted to be able to apply some of the actions directly on the row I was working in (rather than having to select it and then scroll down to the actions). Kind of like how one can click the Trash icon on any row to delete the row... I wanted to be able to apply other actions in the same way (Add, Clone, Copy, Paste). And Table v29 (released today) does exactly that. 

Another desire I had is for the for row-level actions to be just really simple, with not too much to look at... something folks could use rapidly without having a lot to read. This leaves several powerful and verbose features for the actions menu you saw earlier (the one that appears under the Table). 

Below is a video that outlines these new row-level actions. It's actually the same video from before, but I added to it for the version 29 features. So I'll try to post a link that starts at the timecode of the new stuff. But if you haven't seen this video before, you may want to rewind to the beginning.


Below is the full CHANGELOG for this version:

Expanded actions support so you can also execute actions directly on individual rows, which is often more convenient than selecting rows and then applying actions.

Hold down the SHIFT key before clicking the row actions select and it will convert any actions that usually append rows to instead prepend rows. This works with the the Add, Clone and Paste actions when clicked at the individual row-level. It also works with the Select action for selecting multiple rows at once. The Select action is there in part for people that may not realize you can already click the sort arrows to select the row. 

Removed the Vex dialogs when copying or pasting and replaced them with other visual cues to indicate successful copy and/or paste. 

Added a new config option for disabling the DELETE (trash) icon on individual rows when individual row actions are enabled. This is because the row actions already include a delete action, so the trash icon can be redundant for some who might prefer the additional space. 

For all non-page selection column types, a new "Settings" option was added (named “formattedValueType”) to indicate how the value should be represented when accessed from a formatted page. Previously the API value was always the selection value. Now you can specify that it should include both the value and label (in your choice of array), or just the label rather than the value. 

Table v29 beta is available for download now in the ProFields download thread. More core updates are likely for next week. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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  • ryan changed the title to Weekly update – 26 April 2024 – ProFields Table v29

@maetmar not sure where you read about RockForms, but it's definitely neither a module by Ryan nor a replacement for FormBuilder, which is Ryans pro module.

RockForms is a module built by me (baumrock.com) and is - like FormBuilder - a module that tries to help us developers to create secure and versatile forms for PW websites easily and quickly. In contrast to FormBuilder it does not come with a UI to build your forms. Instead if offers a simple* API to define your forms from within one PHP file and get forms with 100% custom markup (no iframes!) that have validation both on the frontend and backend with just on single source of code.

As you define your forms in code rather than via GUI it is a lot easier to work with it on GIT based workflows.

* it's based on nette forms and the API is unfortunately not as straightforward as we are used to from PW, but I did my best to make the experience as smooth as possible.

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1 hour ago, zoeck said:

I think he means the "ProcessWire Weekly #519" Newsletter ? 

This does not come from Ryan but from @teppo

yes, that is what I meant!
I was not even aware that that weekly newsletter is not officially from Ryan, as its sent from email address "newsletter@processwire.com" ? 
But now checking in more details, the footer mentions its sent from  Teppo Koivula. My mistake, sorry

@bernhardthanks for clarifiying.


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