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How to add spaces left and right for vertical images


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Hello, i have question how to make square images.

I am developing an alcohol online storefront and in it I need to implement square images of bottles - so that they visually all look the same. 

Right now I am using the following code to position and create the images.

	<div class="fotorama p-4 bg-white w-full lg:w-2/5 lg:pr-4 hidden lg:block pt-16" data-nav="thumbs">
	foreach($page->get('images') as $image):
		$thumbSize = 500;
		$largeSize = 1000;
		// If image already 500x500 or less, don't do any scaling
		if($image->width <= 500 && $image->height <= 500) {

		// If image is not square
		else if($image->width != $image->height) {
			if($image->height > $image->width) {
				$thumb = $image->size(0, $thumbSize);
				$large = $image->size(0, $largeSize);
			} else {
				$ratio = $image->width / $image->height;
				$newWidthThumb = $thumbSize * $ratio;
				$newWidthLarge = $largeSize * $ratio;
				$thumb = $image->size($newWidthThumb, $thumbSize);
				$large = $image->size($newWidthLarge, $largeSize);
				$differenceThumb = $thumb->width - $thumbSize;
				$differenceLarge = $large->width - $largeSize;
				$thumb = $thumb->crop($differenceThumb / 2, 0, $thumbSize, $thumbSize);
				$large = $large->crop($differenceLarge / 2, 0, $largeSize, $largeSize);
			if($thumb->width < 500 || $thumb->height < 500 || $large->width < 1000 || $large->height < 1000) {
				$imagickSmall = new Imagick($thumb->filename);
				$imagickLarge = new Imagick($large->filename);
				$canvasSmall = new Imagick();
				$canvasLarge = new Imagick();
				$canvasSmall->newImage(500, 500, new ImagickPixel('white'));
				$canvasLarge->newImage(1000, 1000, new ImagickPixel('white'));
				$canvasSmall->compositeimage($imagickSmall, Imagick::COMPOSITE_OVER, ($canvasSmall->getImageWidth() - $thumb->width) / 2, ($canvasSmall->getImageHeight() - $thumb->height) / 2);
				$canvasLarge->compositeimage($imagickLarge, Imagick::COMPOSITE_OVER, ($canvasLarge->getImageWidth() - $large->width) / 2, ($canvasLarge->getImageHeight() - $large->height) / 2);
		// The image is square
		else {
			$thumb = $image->size($thumbSize, $thumbSize);
			$large = $image->size($largeSize, $largeSize);
		<a href="<?=$large->url?>"><img src="<?=$thumb->url?>" class="pt-2" alt="<?=$page->title?>" width="64" height="64"></a>
<?php endforeach; ?>
<?php else: ?>
	<img src="<?=urls()->templates?>images/notfound.png" width="64" height="64" alt="">
<?php endif; ?>

The code works great and generates square images.

BUT! When I try to add webp support

<a href="<?=$large->webp->url?>"><img src="<?=$thumb->webp->url?>" class="pt-2" alt="<?=$page->title?>" width="64" height="64"></a>
<?php endforeach; ?>

code nothing works.

There is a crop image function, but no function to position the image centered with the background added.

How to implement this as simple as possible, using core functions and adding webp support ?






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Hi @maximus, welcome to the forum.

Are any webp image variations actually being generated by ProcessWire?  You can check either in the admin interface on the page with the image field, or by looking in the site/assets/file/<page-id>/ folder for .webp variations of any image you saved to the page with id <page-id>


$config->imageSizerOptions('webpAdd', true);
$config->contentTypes('webp', 'image/webp');


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Yes, it creates files. But it creates from source files and want it to create a square WEBP file based on an existing square JPG file. 






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