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Potential bug with PagePathHistory module redirects to a restricted page?

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Hello all. We've notived a potential bug with redirects that go to a restricted page (a page that guests cannot view, and the user is currently not logged in).

We have a page that contains a form that people can use to post news items to a section of our site (like a noticeboard). This page template requires to used to be logged in so we can atrribute the post to the user.

We've noticed that if the link to this page is a redirect (due to the page moving and the PagePathHistory module being installed), then rather than direct the user to login, it presents a 404 page instead.

Normal behaviour is clicking a link to the this page will send to user to login, once a successful login is made it continue them onto the restricted page they were trying to access.

Is this a potential bug or could we be doing something different to prevent this?

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We've just confirmed this also happens when manually setting a redirect in a page's settings via the admin panel. So perhaps it's due to the way the core handles redirects?

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On 4/7/2024 at 5:45 AM, wbmnfktr said:

What's in your access/role settings set for that template and behaviour?


In case option A is set, the behaviour is correct.

Thanks @wbmnfktr- I checked and the template is set to Option B: Show the Login page:...


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On 4/12/2024 at 9:42 PM, RileyBennett said:

Any update about it, is it solved?

This is still an ongoing issue for us. We want to try testing it on some of our other sites as well.

Was more just checking if anyone else had ran into the issue before.

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