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Pages missing from sitemap


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I've inherited site that uses Markup Sitemap XML for generating the site map but there's a certain group of pages that are missing from it and I can't figure out why.

There is a checkbox field for hiding pages from the sitemap but it's not actually assigned to any templates.

There is no sitemap-xml.php file or anything like that.

I've looked in ready.php and there's nothing in there related to sitemaps.

Where else should I look?

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The module ignores any hidden pages and their children, assuming that since you don't want these to be visible on the site then you don't want them to be found via search engines either.

It also adds a field called sitemap_ignore that you can add to your templates and exclude specific pages on a per-page basis. Again, this assumes that you wish to ignore that page's children as well.

Did you take note of this information from the module description?

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11 hours ago, ngrmm said:

@TyssenMaybe the old module has also these fields.

No, the old module doesn't have any fields. The only thing I can do is uninstall it. And I can't even do that because when I try I get:


Argument 1 passed to ProcessWire\Fields::___delete() must implement interface ProcessWire\Saveable, null given, called in /wire/core/Wire.php on line 397


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@ngrmm I did what you suggested and installed the new module locally. It has more fields on it than the old one and I tested adding settings specifically to the templates for the pages that are missing and then added a priority of 1 to them which seems to be the only thing I can do for when they're not showing (the rest of the options are for hiding pages that are in the sitemap), but I still don't get the pages showing.

The way things are set up is like:

- Shop
---Category 1
---Category 2
--Product 1
--Product 2

So the /shop page and all the products directly below it show up in the sitemap, but the /shop/categories page and all its children don't show.

I can't see anything in the settings for the templates for the categories or the children or the pages themselves that should be hiding those pages.

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This is strange.

Are those category pages actual pages in the frontend? Or are they just helper page to store data and they do not exist as pages in the frontend?
You could reset the module cache to make sure, it's not cache related.

Do those pages/templates have any special settings? Any non defaults? content-type? url segments?

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