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Weekly update – 22 March 2024


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This week there is a new version of the Site Profile Exporter module released (ProcessExportProfile). This is the module that was used to export last week's Invoices Application Site Profile. While this module has been around for a decade now, this latest version makes some nice improvements, which I'll cover below.

@bernhard pointed out to me that he's using the module to make a new site profile, but he found it cumbersome to enter all the profile information every time he wanted to export the profile. So this new version now lets you update an existing profile with 1-click, making it much easier to re-export a profile. 

This version also adds a preview of what your profile will look like in the ProcessWire installer (the part where the user would select it for installation). Lastly, this version has several other small improvements and fixes as well. If you've ever thought of building a site profile, this module now makes it that much easier. 

This week I've also been starting to focus on the next long term client project, which is kind of a different and unique one that I look forward to. That's in part because I expect it will also involve a lot of improvements to the ProcessWire core and ProFields modules as part of it. Some of my favorite ProcessWire improvements have accompanied projects like this. There just isn't any substitute for real-life, large-scale projects when it comes to improving and optimizing the core and modules. 

Next week will be a shortened week here, so I'll likely post the usual weekly update Thursday rather than Friday. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! 

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41 minutes ago, ryan said:

If you've ever thought of building a site profile, this module now makes it that much easier. 

This exact module helped me to build and maintain all my starters for clients and sideprojects for a very long time now. So this update is highly appreciated! 😃

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