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Updating the PHP of processwire


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I made a website with Processwire some years ago and now the Hosting service says, that I have to update the PHP of the site.

Can anybody please help me how to do that?

Do I have to update the whole Processwire CMS or can I just exchange a .php file somewhere?

Thanks for any help


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Hello, updating PHP means you need to install a newer version of PHP, it's not directly related to ProcessWire in first instance. It depends of your OS (Windows, Linux), it also depends if this is a shared host or a dedicated server. In a shared host you usually have an administration interface provided by your hosting service to manage your server. In a dedicated server you generally do everything yourself.

About ProcessWire you have to check that the currently installed version is compatible with the PHP version you plan to install. Probably it won't be OK because you talk about years. If you plan to install PHP 8+ you'll also need to upgrade PW.

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I have used ProcessWireUpgrade for years over a decade without any issues. I do have to admit that I can work at least annually on most of the sites I run.

Only once did I have any problems with it, when UIKit became part of the core and I had to update a website that I built in 2012. That's over a decade ago!

That was the only instance where I had to upgrade PW manually, for which I followed this process which wasn't all too difficult. Basically came down to renaming some files so I could revert back in case I'd screw up. Aside from that it basically came down to uploading a new wire folder and refreshing the backend. Quite simple.

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