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[SOLVED] uikit.css included in main.css somehow


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Other than in another website, in this one uikit.css ist always included in main.css, and it screws up my own css. Especially headings and it's anoying...
I couldn't find where it is included, I certainly didn't do it. 

Is this an action of RockFrontend or RPB?


PW 3.0.29 RF 3.11.0 RPB 5.2.0 PHP 8.2

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RockFrontend loads uikit.theme.less and default.less in /site/templates/_init.php via $rockfrontend->styles()
Probably from installing the UiKit profile?

I commented it all out and now it's fine. Took me long enough... sometimes you just have to wait a day or two and have a nice cup of tea(like the British do) 😀

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  • Klenkes changed the title to [SOLVED] uikit.css included in main.css somehow

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