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Manual reorder of dynamic subset of pages


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Hi all,

Something I've been wondering about and it's a situation that have come up a couple of times in the past:

I wish there was an interface for manual (drag and drop) reordering of a dynamically selected subset of some selector. My current, and latest, example of this is the following: One client has a vast archive of events and wants to show a selection (based on some criteria) of them somewhere, but still be able to reorder them. Ideally any new items that is added to this selection appears according to some sort (like by date, but adheres to manual order if moved).

So, for example, show events within range X and Y, automatically sorted by Z - UNLESS manually sorted, then retain that manual order as long as it's visible.

Not trivial, I know. Mostly I'm posting this out of curiosity if someone have needed something similar.

I think my options are 1. add a checkbox 2. a page selector of some kind (manually select the pages) 3. give up on manual ordering


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@joe_gi would recommend to let user add and sort pages manually. And add an extra checkbox or option/page field in which sorting options are available.
Then you would use a hook to sort them by the option used after save.
Your option field should have an empty option as default and should be resetted after save.

I'm sure there are also ways to do that via JS in the backend.

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Not sure if I made myself clear. Typical example: Most news should be sorted by date but sometimes you want something on top, or slightly affect the order. It's difficult to say "sort by date, except this particular thing that should be on position 2". It's kind of a luxury problem, I know, but I have it sometimes.

What you're saying is to have a manual sorting function, somehow? So that the client decides when to automatically sort things and then reorder - until sorted again as a explicit choice. That could work, possibly, but what I would really like is default is sorted except for manual changes.

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