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My First Sites: LatticeWork, Mart Group, and Lori Cole


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Hey All,
I thought I'd jump on here and share my first 3 ProcessWire sites!

  • LatticeWork (https://www.latticeworkinc.com/) - This one is live but still being actively developed in preparation for targeting an international audience (so current translations need auditing and it's not yet GDPR-compliant). The multilingual capabilities offered by ProcessWire, in contrast to WordPress, were the catalyst for starting my PW journey. The added performance that will be necessary as we deprecate some international sites and push everyone here was another decision driver for choosing PW. Obviously many thanks to @ryan and other core contributors for such an incredibly refined core product that regularly surprises me with features and functionality that I didn't know I was missing. Additional thanks go to @FireWire for the Fluency add-on, @Mike Rockett for Jumplinks, @Wanze for SEO Maestro, @teppo for Search Engine, and again Ryan for Pro Fields. These were invaluable.
  • The Mart Group (https://www.martgroup.com/) - This site was my second to build with ProcessWire, though it was completed first due to its smaller size. In addition to all the prior thanks, I really appreciated RockFrontend by @bernhard while working on this one.
  • Lori H. Cole (https://www.editsbylori.com/) - I probably wouldn't mention this single-page site I built as a favor, except to point out that PW is so lean and easy to work with I was able to give the client the ability to edit their own site without much server overhead or added development time.

I did the front-end development work on these, which as a designer/animator hasn't historically been an area I'm comfortable in. ProcessWire has been such a delight to use that it has re-kindled my interest in working more with code. So, in time I hope to get more creative with the front-end coding as well.


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27 minutes ago, ryangorley said:

to point out that PW is so lean and easy to work with

That's always surprising for so many. Especially for those that don't do much of this internet stuff.

Those pages are solid. Is it correct that you don't use ProCache on those sites? They are pretty fast.

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